Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bowling at Miller Park?

The top banner on JSOnline/Sports shows that bowling is coming to Miller Park. That can only be considered good times. I wonder if Ryan Braun can field a bowling ball? It's on ESPN....nice!

This would be a great time to share a high school bowling story called "Run-and-Gun." During Freshman year gym class, we took the bus to the local lanes every day for about two weeks. Yes, we had bowling as a gym class subject. Matt and I were partners and had a grand time. I mean, we went bowling during school hours...how sweet was that? The normal pairings could finish 2 games per class. We set our goals higher...3 games per class. We were so efficient with our tosses, the ball would roll down the lane while the automatic pin setting-contraption was still setting the pins. The ball was timed so well it would crash into the pins just a split second after the pin machine would lift up. We never hit that thing, not even once. Our rolls were like a well-oiled machine. And with this, we could shoehorn in 3 full games during one single gym class. Awesome, right? Wrong. Our fast-break bowling was too fast for even the pin-setting machine. A pin got jammed in between a couple of belts and started to smoke. The bowling alley guy went down the lane, unjammed the machine, came back with the still-smoking (and black) pin in his hands and yelled in our faces "No more of that God-damned run-and-gun bowling!!!" Good times.

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matt said...

One time we went bowling in college, and Hanner brought down the whole structure when he missed picking up a spare.

He threw the ball so hard, that when it didn't hit any pins, it whacked into the back part of the lane, and the hood (or whatever the technical term would be) at the back of the lane came crashing down. Good...nay, Great times.

Possibly, alchohol was involved.