Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ALCOA Fantastic Finishes Presents:

Wow, what an ending. That is a game that will be remembered for a long time. Right up there with Al Harris returning an INT for a TD against Seattle in the Playoffs (unfortunately this led to 4th and 26) The Freeman "he did what?" catch against the Vikes, Schabert to Evans against OSU and Freddie Owens drilling a 3 at the buzzer against Tulsa in the 2003 NCAAs.

I would also like to congratulate Aarom Kampman for becoming the first player in NFL history to record 2 missed tackles and a sack on the same play.

Wynn has some issues. You know its bad when in the game recap in today's J-S they used the word "umpteenth" to discuss how man times Wynn has been sidelined with minor injuries. Hopefully Grant can hold on to the ball and be semi-productive against real rush Ds.

I admit I was completely wrong about this team. And I'm proud of it.

They way they are winning games reminds me of how the Bears did things back in 2001 and over the past few seasons. Somehow coming up with that big play to win the game.

That was a hell of a 98 yard drive for a field goal.

For the next week, whenever I need to shake somebody's hand, I am going to yell out, "Put 'er in the vice!" Good Times.

Glad they showed the Robert Brooks 99-yarder several times since every time the Packers have the ball at their own 1, I call for a 99-yard pass to Robert Brooks down the near sideline.

I tried to go with the radio broadcast last night, but it wasn't synced up with the tv.

Finally, I'll be heading back to the old home of 4 years this weekend and will provide a follow up of the Chiefs-Packers game. Also looking to catch the Kansas-Nebraska game.Always good times in Lawrence.


Train said...

Good call on the Freddie Owens' bomb from the corner to beat Tulsa. One of those classic moments of remember where you were??- I was a golf trip with some buddies and we were all boozed up watching it in a bar in Augusta GA giving each other drunk man hugs- good times.

How hot is #4's daughter? Just about as hot as his wife.

Brad said...

"Put 'er in the vice" was awesome!!!

Favre's daughter has some "tremendous upside potential" as Hubie Brown would say...

Anonymous said...

I don't like the comparison to the bears. That year they went 13-3 with two losses to the packers and I remember telling my bears friends that they would be wiped out in their first playoff game, which they were against the eagles. That won't happen to the Pack!

Anonymous said...

"put 'er in the ol' vice" is my only comment"