Monday, October 29, 2007


It's the Packers and Broncos on Monday Night! Some things to look for:

Somethings got to give: This would be the exact opposite of "The unstoppable force meets the immovable object." Green Bay's stagnant running game meets Denver's porous run defense. Both are worst in the NFL, in fact. Denver gives up 172 rushing yards per game...if the Packers can't run the ball tonight, they never will.

Mano to Mano: Denver plays a straight man-to-man defense on opposing WRs. Brett should pick this apart, as his poor outings have been against zones. Plus, CB Champ Bailey is questionable.

Coors Beer: Let's not inform Koren Robinson that the Coors brewery is right down the street. Sorry, that was cold. But, everyone knows Coors is made in the Rocky's...home of some really thin air, giving the Broncos a decided home field advantage. That's one of the good things about a deep and talented defensive line. GB will be able to rotate bodies all night so those big sloths don't become too gassed in the thin air.

Jay Cutler is completing passes at a high rate (66%), but also has 8 interceptions. Plus, he looks like Lloyd Christmas.

Jaws is a nice addition to the booth. But can someone tell me exactly what Tony Kornhieser brings to the table? I have no idea. And, why do they throw a celebrity in the booth? Are they conceding that their product is boring? Interesting.

I have faith in the Packers coaching staff coming off a bye. On the other hand, Denver just played a very physical Pittsburgh squad. Advantage: Green Bay.

Green Bay 27, Denver 17


AP said...

We'll need either Jennings or Jones to have a big game. The "RB by comittee" thing for GB might actually benefit us with fresh legs in the thinner air. Denver's TE Tony Scheffler crushed me last week in fantasy football, and if the Pack can find a way to actually slow down a TE I would think that the Broncos would be short on offensive weapons. I just hope to go 1-1 for our Denver/KC road games. I'd say we win tonight by a field goal, but I wouldn't bet on it. If we have under 100 rushing yards tonight we'd better go 5 wide for the rest of the year.....

Goldy said...

Completely agree with AP. 1-1 is a must over the next 2 games.

matt said...

Or Jennings and Jones?

And the Packers still can't cover a TE.

Nice call AP.

AP said...

Thanks.....It's pretty scary if the Broncos are without Walker & Henry who are easily 2 of their 3 biggest offensive weapons, and we are still unable to cover a middle of the road TE like Scheffler. I was of the opinion that we had..."gotten beat by some pretty decent TE's this year." Last night changed my mind; we couldn't cover a TE with a blanket.