Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Crappy Tickets Guy"

"You mean this isn't the Gators new logo?"

We've got "Crappy Tickets Guy" in the office. Anybody know him? He's the guy with season tickets to sporting events (in this case, Badger football/hoops) and is more than willing to sell them....only if they're the worst games on the schedule. Every year. He was pushing The Citadel and N. Illinois ducats like they were gold. Well, the Badger hoops tickets just came out, and so did his annual company-wide email. Which games are for sale? Michigan State, Indiana, or Marquette? Not a chance. Try:

UW vs. Edgewood Sun. Nov. 4th 7 pm (not televised)
UW vs. UW Eau Claire Wed. Nov. 7th 8 pm (not televised)
UW vs. IPFW Sun. Nov. 11th 5 pm (not televised)
UW vs. Florida Fri. Nov. 16th 7 pm (not televised)
UW vs. Colorado Sat. Nov. 17th 7 pm (not televised)

Full price, of course. See something fishy? He put "UW vs Florida" even though it's Florida A&M, not the Gators. Train called him out on it, and he responded with "Can't blame a guy for trying." What a crook!


Larry Wayne said...

I will take the game vs the Bluegolds for face. Funny story!

Train said...

He does this crap every year...you can set your watch by it. As soon as he gets the tix in the mail you'll get a email with the exhibition season outlined. I don't even need to print out a early schedule anymore.

He replied to me to stop filling up his inbox with my comments- I replied to stop sending me solicitations for crappy BB tix.

He'd be better served working over at Stark's used car lot.

Benjamin said...

"can't blame a guy for trying"

What a tool, I suppose he feels like he's doing you guys a favor too.

Brad said...

Oh yeah. Because Badger football and basketball are sold out, he thinks people are dying to pay 35 bucks a pop to see UW beat UWEC by 42.

woziszeus said...

Is anybody working today?

"I generally come in about 15 minutes late...I use the side door so that Lumberg doesn't see me. And after that, I space out for about an hour."