Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Your Bucks Preview - in 50 Words

I am a Bucks fan. I get the sense that many of you couldn't care less about the NBA. Therefore, I have limited my Bucks season preview to 50 words....starting....now:

Yi. Worth the trouble? Injuries. Lame duck GM. Will they play defense? Bogut in year 3. The Cowboy returns. Why Jake Voskuhl? Can Redd make teammates better? Bobby's back. Bell is a whiner. Will Mo get fat and happy? Should compete for the 8th seed. 2008 lottery? We will see.


Anonymous said...

Next time make it 10 words. Thanks.

AP said...

Let's check in on the NBA again around the end of March.....and then one last time in June and we're good.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the Milwaukee Bonecrushers preview.

-Not so anonymous Jake

Goldy said...

I am also a Bucks fan. I enjoy watching Bucks games. However it is anoying to watch them go up double digits only to piss that away by the end of the 3rd Quarter. Don't know what to think about the Bucks this season. They could be better than a lot of people think. However, it could very easily be a disaster.

Outside of the Bucks, not a huge NBA fan anymore. Jordan carried the league for about 10 years and outside of that, it was crap. In the early to mid 80's the NBA was like the NHL now. Nobody paid that much attention. The NBA seems to be going back that way. I can watch a random Blue Jays-Mariners game. I can watch any NFL game. But I can't watcha random NBA game. Heck, I would rather watch an NHL game.

garcia said...

I agree with goldy... the bucks love to blow leads. The box score usually goes something like this:

12-37-9-25= loss

I've never understood how you can score like 40 in one quarter then come out the next quarter and score 10...it proves to me the bucks are only streak shooters and not actually good

Anonymous said...

NBA sucks, Bucks suck more. I can go watch a couple guys play one-on-one with 8 other guys standing around doing nothing down at the park anytime. Oh, and playing defense is also nice.