Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time for Instant Replay?

Is it time for instant replay in baseball? I say yes, after the last couple of Brewers games have had some...um...questionable umpiring.

It would probably be hard to institute for balls and strikes, but you could clearly have instant replay for plays in the field, such as a close play at first (or home) or to determine whether a ball is fair or foul. You could steal from the NFL's system where a manager gets a couple of challenges in a game, and maybe have the replay official automatically review any play in the 8th or 9th inning.

I know people will say it slows down the game, but what is slower? Ned Yost spending 10 minutes arguing with the umpire for a bad call after he gets tossed from a game, or a 30 second look at a play to make sure the umpires got it right? Hell, some pitchers (see Vargas, Claudio) take 30 seconds between every pitch.

The NFL has instant replay, and NFL officials are generally regarded as the best in pro sports. The NBA has instant replay, and NBA officials...well...most of them don't gamble on games. Why not MLB?

It's not like these guys are perfect. And sometimes a missed call has a direct negative impact on a game. Maybe this would also make umpires more accountable for their mistakes.
Each of these new trainees hates the Brewers.

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