Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Green Bay 31, Saint Diego 24

Simple math: Mike McCarthey > Mike Sherman

Holy Crap. 3-0. Talk about a pleasant surprise. Not only 3-0, but 3-0 vs legitmate football teams, including 3 playoff teams from last year and a 2007 Super Bowl favorite. Not only 3-0, but 7-0 going back to last year. Yeah, I know some of those teams sucked at the end of ’06…I know that. But guess what? About 24 of the 32 teams in the NFL suck, so a win is a win.

It’s hard for me to break down the game…I was at Lambeau where I was A) Extremely hung over from Saturday night (Marth, Hanner…I apologize for grinding with your wives on the dancefloor…it had to be done) and B) got back on that horse and fired back more alcohol at the 9:00 AM tailgate. Lets just say my judgment and liver were slightly impaired.

My first props goes out to McCarthey. He’s a blue-collar, run-first coach who sees the strength (and weakness) of the team and says “F it. I’ll spread out 5 wide, go ahead and try to cover all of them.” Think they missed Jennings at all? The lack of running game WILL come back to hurt, at some point. How the heck do they protect a lead with 4 minutes left and run the clock out? That remains to be seen. I really cant figure out the struggles. Then again, I’m no offensive line guru. Clifton, Taush, and Wells are pretty good players. Just a notch below Pro-Bowl caliber, actually. Are the guards just that bad? Do all 5 guys have no idea how to zone block? Does Jackson/Wynn/Grant make them look that bad? Are Clifton and Taush broken down? I don’t know. It’s concerning. Next week vs the Vikings D is not exactly gonna make that running game look good.

3-0. I’m still stunned. Curly was rocking. Minnesota’s on the docket next. Crapping the bed at the Dome would be devastating. That’s a winnable game…even Favre’s figure out how to play well at the dome. God bless Tavaris Holcomb, or whoever the hell they’re gonna start. Hate to look too far ahead (one game at a time, right coach?) but with the Bears looking beatable, the schedule is no longer all that scary. @ Dallas and @ Denver will be no picnics, to be sure. Every other game seems pretty winnable at this point. Ah yes, the optimism of a 3-0 start in a league full of mediocre football teams.

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AP said...

I think the problem with the line/zone blocking scheme is the two Tackles. I'm not saying the Guards are good, and of course I'm not saying that Clifton & Tauscher are bad. However, the line is just sort of a mish-mash right now. Zone blocking schemes are supposed to include smaller, faster O-linemen for cut blucks and that type of stuff. But the two tackles are left over from the old way of doing things (Be really, really big and slow and push you around.) Tauscher seems to have handled the change better than Clifton, but against NY Clifton looked absolutely lost. This whole zone blocking thing is going to take a while...