Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Move Over Grassy Knoll...

Brewers + Playoffs = Many TVs turned off

Here’s an addition of Matt’s last post.

I’m a big conspiracy theory guy. UFOs, Jordan “retiring” (read, suspended) to play baseball for two years, Bucks vs Sixers in 2001…I believe all that stuff. X-Files baby!! How about the Brewers and umpires the past few games?? Every close call is going against the Crew. Every one. Why? Perhaps it’s because the MLB front office is shuddering at the thought of a Arizona-Milwaukee playoff series. Can you say “worst playoff TV ratings ever??” Even Bud himself would love to see the Cubs get in and quadruple the ratings over a Brewers series. Besides, how bad would he look if Milwaukee wins a division title just a few years AFTER he and his daughter stop making the Brewers organizational decisions? Terrible.

Are these bad calls preventing the Crew from winning the Central? Probably not. Am I using this as an excuse? It might sound like it, but no. I said at the beginning of August the Cubs are a better team. I’m just throwing it out there as a distinct possibility. If you think the FOX/MLB powers that be would rather see the Brewers in the playoffs instead of the Cubs…you’re clinically insane.

Hey, how about that Prince bomb???


Steve said...


Your way off on your analysis. To think that is the reason Milwaukee is currently 3 games back is absolutely incorrect.

Brad said...

I should have made it more clear. The reasons they are 3 out is a long list: bullpen, collapsing after the hot start, Sheets missing time, bad defense....the list goes on. I just wanted to point that out regarding the last few games. Just something to throw out there.

To be clear, the fact that they are like 45-56 since the hot start has nothing to do with the umps.

Steve said...


Living in the DC area I do follow Milwaukee on the MLB Package and the umpiring really hasnt been an issue up until the Atlanta series.

The bullpen collapsing has to be one of the biggest concerns for next year-agree?

Brad said...

Oh yeah, big time. Cordero and Shouse are about the only guys you don't crap your pants for when they are on the hill. With CoCo likley gone (Free agent, too much money) even the closer position is a question mark coming into 2008. It didn't help the bullpen that the starters struggled to get 5 innings on any given night...overworking a mediocre bullpen isn't something you hope for. That's got to be THE biggest question mark in the offseason.

Tony said...

First things first, you take care of your own. With Jenks gone you take his would be $9 million and try to get some of the young talent tied up for a few years (JJ/ Prince/Hart) Realistically Braun is still a year away for Doug to commit. Then you try to take whatever is left over plus the additional revenue from 2007 record breaking attendance/ concessions / merchandise and you spend wisely or better know as Melvin style. I don’t see him making a HUGE splash again. The team is solid offensively we don’t need a big bat (aka strikeout liability) what we need is bullpen/ CoCo. It will be interesting. One thing is for sure. Big Mark is going to give Doug the cash if he asks for it. He trust’s Doug is not going to spend foolishly and saw the value of fielding a competitive/ exciting team this year come to fruition .

Not Dead yet! 6 to play, there yesterday, tonight, tomorrow and Friday. thinking about Saturday/Sunday. What the heak Y-not.