Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Garbage

  • How about Adam Wainwright the other night with runners on the corners doing the "fake to 3rd, throw to first" pickoff attempt. Has that ever worked in the history of baseball? I've never seen it. If I do, why do I think Weeks will be involved?

  • While looking through CBSSportsline's NFL power rankings, this gem popped up: "Atari Bigbi is a rising star." Whoa, cowboy. I like Bigbie as much as the next guy, but "rising star" after 3 games. Wow.

  • Anybody else sick of the same 6 commercials during the Brewer games? However, that brunette on the Mercury commercial never gets old. Big fan. By the way, I didn't even know they still made Mercurys anymore? Do you know anyone who drives a Mercury? Thought those went the way of the Oldsmobile...extinct.

  • What happened to Bill's Grill? Liked that better than Jerry "Estrada lookalike" Garcia's cooking show out of his studio apartment.

  • With the Packers going against the Vikings stud DT's Pat and Kevin Williams on Sunday, what's the over/under of Green Bay rushes this week? 7? 9?

  • Saw someone refer to Rex Grossman as "Wrecks Grossman." Perfect. How great is it being in the NFC North where A) The Bears and Vikings don't know who's their QB (kind of an important position) on a week to week basis, and B) The Lions (who do have a QB, at least) just gave up 56 points to Philly? Philly scored 13 on Green Bay.

  • Finally, the Badgers game. Didn't catch much ( all accounts it was a brutal watch), but every time I saw Iowa run a play, it was this: QB drops back, dances left, dances right, runs straight to the sidelines like the football had a magnet in it, threw the ball away right before going out of bounds. Good Lord! And national TV got to view this greasefire, no less. Remember when everyone called Ferenz a "genius" and NFL teams were banging on his door? Seems like a lifetime ago.


matt said...

I enjoyed watching LaRussa pitch out on a 2-2 pitch to Jenkins with Hart on first with 1 out.

Has there ever been a manager who over-thinks baseball more than Tony LaRussa?

Anonymous said...

At a certain level of drunkenness, we all over-think things, you think? Definitely enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Matt - How dare you question a managers decision on this site.