Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Prince

Since we're all Prince, all the time here on CH today, here's a fun little story from Spring Training, 2006, about Prince's ascension to the starting first base position on the Brewers.

A couple of thoughts:

1. I miss Drew Olson.

2. Prince wasn't a sure thing, as evidenced by this Olson tidbit...

Whether he's heard of them yet or not, Fielder will be measured against a long string of heavily hyped and ultimately unsuccessful predecessors that includes Greg Brock, Billy Jo Robidoux, Joey Meyer, Franklin Stubbs, Sean Berry and Kevin Barker.

Now there's an historic group of players...

3. Attanasio on his discussions with his baseball people evaluating Fielder (and this was prophetic):

"With Prince Fielder, it was unanimous; everybody in that room; on every aspect of his game. The only thing that wasn't unanimous was, 'Is it going to be 25 home runs or 40 home runs?' Some guys said it'll be 40 home runs, but not until the year after (2007)."

Or 50. Whatever.

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