Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mr. Smith Doesn't Leave Madison

CBS Sportsline is reporting that Wisconsin running back Lamar Smith won't be allowed to travel to away games this year. Then in the next paragraph it reports that Lance Smith is the player who won't be allowed to travel.

You'll remember that Smith (Lance) was charged with roughing up his lady friend over a cab fare over the summer. I'm not sure who Lamar Smith is.

Regardless of the Smith involved (we'll call him Lamar for the rest of the year, just for fun) WTF is this? Either suspend the guy or don't - this half-way stuff is stupid. I'd be OK with making him sit out the year just based on the allegations, or I'd be OK with waiting to decide whether to suspend him until the justice system runs its course.

Maybe there's more to this story than we know, but this result doesn't make much sense to me.


Brad said...

Wasn't he a RB for the Dolphins, pre Renee Williams?

matt said...

That could be - also played for the Saints, as I recall?

I wonder what he's doing these days - maybe he could suit up for the Green and Gold?