Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Melvin Petitions to Eliminate 7th Inning!

League Offices (AP) - Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin has petitioned the commissioner’s office to eliminate the 7th inning of all remaining baseball games on the 2007 schedule. "My goal is not to shorten the game, that would be stupid," explains Melvin. "What I want is to play 10 innings, but skip the 7th. You know, just like tall buildings don't have a 13th goes from 11, to 12, to 14, and so on. Our struggles getting guys out in the 7th inning have been legendary. So why not play the 8th inning right after the 6th, and skip the 7th? That's what I'm proposing to Commissioner Selig. Besides, he owes us for not bringing Bernie’s keg of beer over from County Stadium."


AP said...

I wanted to be the first to say this morning that I thought Yost managed a great game last night.

Rick-E4 Weeks was horrible....

I thought there might've been a riot for a while in the 7th too. When Yost left Linebrink in, some fans in my section turned pretty violent....

Larry said...

Eau Claire college dear, Hail to thee our Alma Mater.
Strong through every year,
carry high the Blue and Gold
U – Rah – Rah
Aim for excellence.
Give the best that you have in you.
Go Blugolds, fight to win, for fame and victory!
B – L – U – G – O – L – D – S, BLU…….GOLDS!

This may help The Crew in the 7th. Just a suggestion.