Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Clever guys, clever. If you haven't noticed, there is now a gigantic Citgo gas pump just over center field in Miller Park. I think its here to add up the number of home runs hit this year by the Brewers, but I'm not sure. It now shows 186 on the pump. Are these homers, or:

- The number of times the Brewer bullpen has poured gasoline on the mound and imploded
- The number of George Webb hamburgers new Brewer Ray King eats in a week
- Tactical errors per game by Mr Yost
- The size (in inches) of Prince's waistline
- The number of different gyrations in every Councell swing
- The number of "obviously's" dropped in a Jenks, Braun, or Hart interview
- The speed (in minutes) it takes Estrada to go from 1st to home
- The number of times Jim Powell kisses Ueckers ass on a given broadcast

You be the judge.

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matt said...

Good one brad. I think some Citgo gasoline spilled into the Brewers' bullpen from the big pump before the game yesterday. Turnbow, Aquino and Spurling were all flammable...