Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cliff Floyd Can Eat A Richard

Cubs OF Cliff Floyd is miffed why Houston's rotation vs the Brewers does not help out Chicago?

"That ticks us off," Cubs outfielder Cliff Floyd said of the switch. "But you can't help family situations. I had one this year [with my father], and Oswalt is having a kid. God bless him and his family.
"I don't understand the Woody Williams deal, but at the same time, I'm not going to question Cecil Cooper's decision to start a rookie. ... It's their team, and they can do what they want to do. At the same time, you'd like everybody to play their guys. Cincinnati was eliminated from the Wild Card [on Monday], and they're playing their hearts out, and that's what you want everybody to do."

Whatever Cliffy. Maybe Houston should pull Nolan Ryan out of the stands and have him dot Prince and Braun right between the eyes. Would that make you happy?


JamJam said...

Maybe if Cliff Floyd weren't as fragile as Ben Sheets, he could be in the lineup more helping his team.

AP said...

In that same article it mentions that the Astros GM called Hendry on the Cubs, and basically asked for his blessing in starting the rookies. That's definitely going above and beyond in the politeness catagory. Maybe Astros should ask Floyd to set the lineup that he'd prefer.

Also, every game that we've faced Oswalt this year has ended in a L or no decision for him. Plus, anyone who watches this team knows that rookie pitchers like these guys seem to own the Crew rather than staff aces. The Brewers are probably the best team in the league for these new guys to start off against. Floyd is just dumb & wrong.

matt said...

If it makes Clifford feel any better, the Brewers are running Dave Bush out to the mound today.

What a dope.

Anonymous said...

You find out a lot about a person in important situations. And that goes for the Brewers as well. It's crunch time for everyone. Some people go out and do their job. Some people committ robberies (OJ), some people man up, and some people make excuses. Anyone who is named after part of a mountain tends to lean towards the latter in my opinion. His parents were going to name him plateau (as in his career hit a plateau years ago), but they didn't know how to spell it. Nothing like a friendly ribbing of Cliff Floyd to get your day going.