Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ben Sheets: China Doll

Brewers win, Cubs lose. The Brewers magic number is 12! When's the last time the Brewers had a magic number? Estrada must have been listening to us mock his new ink yesterday and the Merry Mexican hit a granny. The real story, however, is once again the fragility of one Benny Sheets. He left the game before the 2nd inning after pulling his vagina hamstring. Vargas (who I completely forgot was still on the team) pitched great in relief. As of now, Sheets is still scheduled to pitch on Sunday.

Hey, Jenks with a bomb!


Anonymous said...

Sheets is scared that he might set a career high in wins to cap off a successful Brewer season, he is the anti favre. What a puss! I hope to see him in a different uniform next year. And that will be a different uniform on the DL of course.

-Not so anonymous Jake

Vernand Morency said...

Leg injuries are very serious matters - leave Sheets alone.

woziszeus said...

I'm giving Sheets one more chance...otherwise he is done to me. He is scheduled to start two more games...they better be quality outings.

What a tin man.