Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Decisions, Decisions...

I actually found a website that still sells this gem

Alright gang, it's time to get a new Packers jersey. The #88 Franks edition has worn out its welcome...even if he showed some signs of life last week. I'm not "that guy" who wears it every Sunday, just 3 games a year (have the Milwaukee season ticket package) so this is a long term investment. The question is, which uni to get? I need some help here:

  • Favre (4). Classic. Timeless. Can't go wrong. Unfortunately, 1 out of ever 2 humans (and some dogs) in Wisconsin already own a #4. Have to be a little different.
  • Don Driver (80). I like Don, I really do. The downside is he's getting up there in age and probably doesn't have too many good years left.
  • Hawk (50). Leaning towards this one. But Matt makes a great point: "He could get hurt or become a free agent soon and leave town." Good points. He's by no means in "legend" status where it would be cool to have his jersey after he loses his leg in a freak chainsaw accident.
  • Kampman (74). Love this guys too. Blue collar through and through. The downside is I'm running at about 6 feet tall, 195 pounds. Not nearly fat enough to sport a #74...I don't think. Those guys go at least a deuce and a half...usually closer to 3 bills. Am I fat enough to wear a 74??
  • Barnett (56). Too many incidents at Appleton strip clubs. And when I say too many, 1 is too many.
  • Harrell (Whatever # he is). As Matt puts it "you could own the first Harrell jersey in the world not bought by his immediate family." Nah, better not go here...he could be the next Cletius.
  • Tauscher (65). UW product. See Driver.
  • Harris (31). Unless you have dreads hanging down to your ass, you need not apply. Same with Bigbie.
  • Jenkins (77). I would consider this one...but same problem as Kampman.

This is high stress I tell you! Any suggestions? I'm going with the $75 replica jersey, so customization is out of the question. If it wasn't, a Cecil, Query, Butler, or Ivory would be a strong consideration.


AP said...

Bill Henderson out of the question?

Brad said...

Hmmm. I guess it depends on the "off the shelf" ones they make. They probably don't make a Hendu anymore. That would be a good one.

matt said...

Do they make a Ted Thompson jersey?

What Brad has failed to mention is that today is his birthday (he's 44 I think) and he must be buying this jersey in celebration of the big day.

Brad said...

47 actually.

Anonymous said...

I would personally go with Bigby even though I do not have dreads. When he is no longer playing on the Pack it would be a great, Remember that guy? jersey. See Cecil, Chuck.

-Not so anonymous Jake

Anonymous said...

Or Murphy, Mark

-Not so anonymous Jake

matt said...

Or Epps, Philip.

MGD Mike said...

I am thinking you should get a #97 Johny Jolly! He reminds me of you...

Or perhapses a #92 " Jerasic Pack " T- Shirt ? They seem to be in fashion I see one everytime I go to the Packer Game?

Happy Birth Day!

Anonymous said...

Is it too early for James Jones? Could be a good one for the future. Otherwise you can really never go wrong with Favre and can literally wear it forever.

sleestak said...

I'd go with Hawk myself. He's going to be there a long time!

If you want to go retro, going a Buckley, #27 is always a good idea.

Larry said...

A Kamp is my vote. Get it!
or what about a #4 Jersey with
"Capt. Rocketball" on the back?

Htiek said...

I was forced with the dilemma earlier and pulled the trigger on KGB. KGB is a solid workhorse who could be described as an overacheiver and at one time won the hearts of Packer fans...he has slipped a little but still is a representative of the Packers D-line...which is their future sucess story.

But the overiding and #1 reason for KGB can be simply summed up by


Pure Joy having the name start at your Left tricep and ending on your right bicep

Goldy said...

I would go with no jersey and just get a hooded sweatshirt.

If you really feel the need to support the team, I would go with a Driver. They guy is good.

Tony said...

take it for what it is worth coming from a bears fan but how can you not go with a Tauscher?

a) how many of these do you see roaming the streets
b) whatever happens in the future he will always be looked on fondly in wisconsin.
c) outstanding guy, funny, mans man, hard worker

easy call if you ask me but it is yours to make.

good luck

AP said...

I'd vote Hawk, but I like the Taucher idea also....the fact that Hawk probably has more years ahead of him would sway me that way.