Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Thumbs Up, or Thumbs Down

What did you think of the red-on-red uniforms by Bucky on Saturday? Barry was on TV saying they "looked like a SWAC team out there." That's a good one. My opinion: Not too bad. I would have hated to see Aaron Gibson in one of these....he'd look like the Cool Aid Man. "Oh yah!!"


Train said...

I actually like them- It's not like the UW unis are historical. They changed quite often in the 70's-80's and into the early 90's.

Anyone who thinks this is a disgrace to the Badger program never saw a Morton coached Badger game.

matt said...

I preferred the two-toned look (white pants at home), but don't really care - as long as they don't pull an Oregon or Cal...those are brutal.

Goldy said...

My thought at the game was, "man they are ugly". After I watched the game on the DVR, I thought they were fine.

Honestly, if the players like them and recruits like them, it is fine with me.

Some people are complaining that they don't like the Badgers "new" uniforms. Well, there is nothing new about them. Same pants and tops they always wore, just never in this combo.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the two-tone look myself, but the red-on-red is better than the white-on-white road unis. Wear the red pants with the white jerseys for God's sake!!