Monday, August 20, 2007

Easy There, Cowboy...Easy

People have accused me of being way too optimistic of the '07 Packers. That's nothing compared to KGB's take (said on a radio show right after Saturday's game):

"Were going to the super bowl and we have the guys in this locker room to do it."


Anonymous said...

Didn't Favre reiterate his contention that this team has the talent to do it?

AP said...

Did Brett say that again?? I thought he said that last year...? Either way, maybe he's just balancing out Kitna saying the Lions would win more than 11 games this year.

sleestak said...

I think Farve said they had the talent, but they need to get the experience, so he stopped short of saying they could be Super Bowl bound. Either way I think it is just cheerleading, but somehow KGB doesn't inspire me to go get my Super Bowl reservations made.