Monday, August 20, 2007

Packers: A Bunch, Seahawks: Not so much

Went to the Packer game this weekend. Here are some random notes. Keep in mind I was fairly sauced, so my vision/memory was a little blurred.
  • If Bigby isn’t a starting safety, I’ll vomit
  • The offense moved the chains with some regularity. Jackson wasn’t spectacular, but got the job done.
  • Cullen Jenkins is a beast. Granted, Seattle sat their two starting tackles. He was wreaking havoc when they moved him to DT during 3rd downs. He and Kampman for a very solid pair.
  • Justin Harrell looked terrible. Me thinking to myself: “Wow, #91 sucks. He’s doing nothing. I hope that’s not Harrell” Pull out the roster and see Justin Harrell #91. Me, screaming in my head: “DAMNIT!!!”
  • James Jones making plays (again). Hey, where’s Jennings been?
  • Will Blackman with a huge kick return. When’s the last time we had a really long kick/punt return? Seemed like our drives started at about the 22 every single kick return for the last 5 years
  • Rodgers again looked pretty effective.
  • Teams will find running up the gut rather difficult this year.

Time for the lame/odd jersey in the stands recap:

  • Bart Starr, Numerous LeRoy Butler’s, Sterling Sharpe, Reggie White, Lynn Dickey, Ray Nitchke, Robert Brooks.
  • But the best of the night: #26 Cecil. Sweet.


Goldy said...

Should we book Harrell a room next to Turd Ferguson in the Jamal "Tiny" Reynolds Home for Crappy Draft Picks? Do we put his ETA at August 2009?

Larry said...

I say we wait a game or two since Chopp was all sauced and he could have been watching #19 instead of #91.

matt said...

I'm not ready to label Harrell a crappy draft pick based on 2 pre-season games - but he certainly is getting pushed all over the field right now.

At least he didn't get hurt yet.

AP said...

Harrel's going to be more of a project than a contributor this year. Wasn't he just cleared to play football for the first time in a year in the last few weeks? Combine that with a jump to the NFL and I would think he should be pushed around a little bit. I won't be concerned if he doesn't meet the 1st round expectations this year.

sleestak said...

So then here is the question... If you aren't going to expect much out of him this year, why draft him in the first round?

There are certain players who you draft in the first round but don't expect to contribute right away, i.e. a QB who has to learn a new system. But I would think a D-Lineman is a position that should be expected to produce/contribute immediately.

AP said...

I don't think D-lineman is a position that you expect immediate impact though, it seems recently that these DT/DE's are drafted more for potential.

2006- Draft
Bunkley, 14th overall 6 tackles last year.
Ngata, 12th overall 13 tackles & 1 Sack last year.
....and Mario Williams #'s were better, but he only had 35 tackles and a handful of sacks. Not exactly blowing the world up as the #1 overall at DE.

2007- Other than Anderson w/ Atlanta I can't realy see another 1st rounder have a HUGE impact right away. Carriker might not start, Adams is a beast so maybe he's a guy to do it right away, Okoye is like 13 years old and he had to have been drafted that high based solely on his "upside", and all I remember hearing about the guy drafted right after Harrel (Moss) is how it was higher than he was projected to go and although he had some "character issues" his potential outweighed the negatives. Plus, other than Moss, the majority of these guys were taken with higher picks than where the Pack got JH, so you gotta figure his expectations aren't as high as any of these other guys'. It was probably just a value pick seeing as most talented DT/DE's seem to get drafted much higher and TT couldn't pass on it.

I think LB/DB are the spots on D that you expect to see immediate results. Not that it wouldn't be nice to see some results on the field, but Harrel's got time. He's ours for at least 5 years...