Monday, August 20, 2007

Uh Oh!

Why does this can say "A Good Source of Sugar"? WTF?

The D-backs have the Brewers right where they want them as the Brewers lead 6-0 after 2. Obviously Arizona has done some advanced scouting and knows just how to attack the Brewers. On a related noted, maybe Davis' arm became cashed tonight.


matt said...

On a related note - does that label on the Spaghetti-O's say "a good source of sugar"?


matt said...

It's 9-0 now with Craig Counsell coming up. So we're OK.

Bill Shroeder just said that Rick Weeks "buggy whipped" a ball down the left field line. I don't know what that means, but I'll look into it. I'm just excited that Weeks has hit 3 balls hard tonight.

Tony said...

I think Shroeder mentioned that he was using a Weeks trem, "as Rickey would say he buggy whipped that ball down the line"

Still don't know the meaning but if it help to have the origin there you go.

Brad said...

Speaking of WTF, Jeff Cirillo pitched a scoreless inning for Arizona?? Yes, THAT Jeff Cirillo!

woziszeus said...

What's the deal with Villanueva getting sent down?

I don't like it one bit. That's my analysis.

Brad said...


Tony said...


I for one appreciate your quite, honest, to the point analysis. We don't need a long drawn out 6 paragraph defense like some...

also, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Let the Seth McClung era begin!

Goldy said...

Carlos V. was sent down and told he will start a few games for Nashville. If all goes well, I think he will be back up Sept. 1, or shortly there after, and be placed in the starting rotation. If Sheets comes back, they ride Gallardo and hope he doesn't pull a Francisco Liriano, I think Carlos will take the other C.V.'s spot in the rotation. Your september rotation may look something like this:


At this point, I think Suppan and Capuano are a wash, but you can't put Suppan in the pen after giving him the big contract.

If they want to limit Yo's innings, you have Vargas, Capuano or Parra to step in.

Also, with Balfour, Oxspring, Dessens gone, Mcclung called up and Yo and Parra having been called up during the season, who the hell is pitching at Nashville?

Anonymous said...

And within that scoreless inning pitched by Cirillo, how about striking out Craig Counsell? Flags will be flown at half staff today in Whitefish Bay.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Mike Buddie!

Anonymous said...

I did see a couple of flags at half staff this morning as I drove by the White Bay. Buggy Whipped is a Gantner term although I couldn't really tell you what it means. Two of Weeks' hits were on pitches that he would have easily struck out on earlier in the year, so let's hope he keeps it up. I am numb on the whole Villanueva getting sent down. One last note, there was a Krey in AZ last night doing the Bill Hall chant, but it was not me

matt said...

Funny how Bush has gone from being bashed to being the most reliable starter in the Brewers' rotation over the last month. His 5 ERA doesn't look so bad anymore.

Funny/sad, I guess.

To answer your question Goldy, I think RA Dickey is starting 4 of 5 games for the Sounds now (Zach attack Jackson has the fifth day). Dickey's a knuckleballer so he can handle it.