Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Capuano Needs to Dust Off the Funky McNasty Pitch

What is that, 15 or 16 straight losses in games that Capuano has started? They might as well run Goldy out on the bump every five days - he told me he topped out at 68 mph at a speed pitch thing they did at work a few weeks back.

They couldn't do any worse - as long as Goldy is willing to eat innings and take a pounding, he could even save the bullpen.


Goldy said...

I am sure with a proper bullpen session, I could top out at 72 with my - - fastball. I could complement my BP fastball with a - - curveball. A full 80% of these pitches will be "hangers". Could throw in my - - change-up with no decieving arm action. Finally, for my fourth pitch, I would throw up my - - knuckleball that has appropriate knucleball movement about 40% of the time. this would be my best pitch.

On the plus side, I could pitch on back to back days and my salary would be low. I would also put up a picture of our favorite mini horse, Willis, in the locker room.

Goldy said...

Clearly, I would bring a lot to the table.

Doug Jones said...

I saved hundreds of games topping out at 72....I think you should give it a shot Goldy.