Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Favre Moping Around Camp

"Can't it be 1996 again?"

JS with a story about Favre not being his usual self in camp. Does he think this team sucks? Does he realize he's done? Is the passion gone? Does he regret not retiring? Does it hurt him to know for the first time in a while he's not 10 times better than his backup?

"In '99 there'd be one a day where you'd go, 'Holy (bleep), I can't believe he made that throw,' " Mike McCarthy said Tuesday. "It's not like the old days, but to me that's good, because I don't need him to play like a wild stallion anymore. We're not built that way."

It's hard to say where Favre is coming from these days. In practice, he has exhibited almost none of the happy-go-lucky qualities that lightened the camp load. And in his infrequent strolls through the locker room during media periods, he has had a blank expression on his face.

On Tuesday, Favre never laughed once during a 27-minute briefing with reporters. He spoke of his enthusiasm for the task at hand but his body language really didn't back it up


woziszeus said...

So it sounds like Thompson & McCarthy are trying to turn this team into a Bears/Ravens type team? That is boring as hell. I don't want to watch a football team like that.

On the surface, it looks like Brett doesn't like this new mindset. Its not the best use of him. This offense probably favors Rodgers (manage) than Favre (playmaker).

Larry said...

Good points Woz.
I agree.

AP said...

....but for the last several seasons, when Favre was out acting like a kid and having fun, everyone kept criticizing his leadership ability in the preseason. They would say that he wasn't focused. I've heard him say this year that he is less concerned about the youth this year, and more focused on what he needs to do. Maybe he's just really focused....don't know. Maybe this year is just like Bonds in SF, and we will only end up watching for records to be broken and not for the teams' success.

....and I would second the notion of hating the Bears/Ravens style of play. "Defense wins championships" is the biggest cliche in football. "Veteran leadership" has become my favorite cliche in baseball, & "you can't coach height" is the basketball equivalent.

matt said...

I'd watch a boring Packers football team if it gets to the Super Bowl.

However, this team, as presently constructed is going to be a boring football team that wins 3 games. The Ravens and Bears never had the likes of Marquand Manuel/Atari Bigby/Patrick Dendy manning the defensive secondary.