Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bucky's BBall Schedule Released

Nov. 4

Nov. 7

Nov. 11

Nov. 15

Nov. 16

Nov. 17

Nov. 24

Nov. 27
at Duke(ACC-Big Ten Challenge)

Dec. 3

Dec. 8

Dec. 12
at UW-Milwaukee

Dec. 15

Dec. 22

Dec. 29
at Texas

Jan. 2
at Michigan

Jan. 5

Jan. 10

Jan. 15
at Penn State

Jan. 19

Jan. 22

Jan. 26
at Purdue

Jan. 31

Feb. 3
at Minnesota

Feb. 6
at Iowa

Feb. 9

Feb. 13
at Indiana

Feb. 16

Feb. 20
at Illinois

Feb. 23/24
at Ohio State

Feb. 28

March 4/5

March 8/9
at Northwestern

Couple of thoughts:
  • Watch out for the UWEC Blugolds, right Brad?
  • At Duke in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge - that should be cool.
  • At Texas in the final game before the Big Ten - another solid non-conference roadie, but thankfully Mr. Durant is no longer a Longhorn. A preview of things to come, if Texas joins the Big Ten?
  • They only get Michigan State once (at home) and play OSU once (on the road). Better than playing those teams 3 times, like last year.
  • A pretty easy start to the Big Ten schedule, they could gain some confidence which is good as they adjust to the loss of seniors Tucker and Taylor.
  • Tough stretch at the end of the year, at Illinois, at OSU, at home against MSU.
  • Chalk Feb. 13 down as a loss - it is impossible for Wisconsin to win at Indiana (it's 8 on 5, with the refs sending the Hoosiers to the line 40 times a game).
  • UW isn't afraid to go to UWM, like the pansy Marquette Gold is.


Brad said...

UWEC? I'm there. In fact, that has running diary written all over it. Who's coming with me? I predict 101-58

Jags said...

What is a bluegold anyway?

Bill said...

Matt, Great insight about UW not fearing UWM. I am sick of hearing the MU homos say "MU has nothing to gain by playing UWM" (I am refering to the Ham Bone of course).

That is why I much prefer Bucky over the Gold.

All in All a nice schedule.

Brad said...

If you haven't herd, MU and UWM agreed to start playing each other again. Don't know how many years they agreed to.

November 30th, at the Bradley Center.

I know this is an old argument, but why should MU feel obligated to play UWM every year? Does UCLA play Pepperdine? DePaul vs Northwestern? Georgetown vs George Washington?

UWM's been a joke for all but about 5 years of their existance, but MU's afraid to schedule them? Please.

Anyway, should be another good year for hoops in the Badger state.

sleestak said...

You can blame the "fear" of playing UWM on Bill Cords, that and the fact that our "young genius" head coach has absolutely no skills. Sure he can get a few top recruits, but what has he done with them once they get to MU. Crean doesn't have the ability to shape and mold the good players into great players, and he doesn't have a "system" the way that Bo Ryan does. But I digress...

Bill said...

I guess us uwm fans were hoping for it to turn into a Xaiver/Cinci matchup but there is a big difference. Cinci can keep a coach and UWM cant and Rob Jeter sucks so we could not make it 3 in a row.

Wrigleyville said...

wow. an excuse for an indiana loss six months early? that may be a record!