Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Those Were the Days...

A quality afternoon email thread eventually lead to these two ugly Brewer moments:

Matt: ...I'll always have fond memories of Greg Vaughn. Did the Crew get Marc Newfield for him? Or was that the Sheffield deal? What a waste of carbon that guy was.

Me: I think Newfield (and Grahme Lloyd?) was for Vaughn. Don’t know what we got for Sheff.

Matt: wow - I forgot all about Grahme Lloyd. He was an ugly duck, wasn't he? Part of the Aussie contingent, as I recall?

Graeme Lloyd. An "ugly duck" according to Matt. And he would be right.

Me: (after checking out

- July 31, 1996: Marc Newfield - traded by the San Diego Padres with Bryce Florie and Ron Villone to the Milwaukee Brewers for a player to be named later and Greg Vaughn. The Milwaukee Brewers sent Gerald Parent (minors) (September 16, 1996) to the San Diego Padres to complete the trade.

- March 26, 1992: Gary Sheffield - Traded by the Milwaukee Brewers with Geoff Kellogg (minors) to the San Diego Padres for Ricky Bones, Jose Valentin, and Matt Mieske.

Matt: Mental note to the Brewers - don't trade with the Padres ever again.


Matt said...

This didn't answer the key question - how did the Brewers end up with Lloyd?

Anonymous said...

December 8, 1992: Lloyd - Traded by the Philadelphia Phillies to the Milwaukee Brewers for John Trisler (minors).

woziszeus said...

I remember Marc Newfield having just a solid second half with the Brewers after he got traded here in 96' (307 avg, 7 bombs, 30rbis). People were saying he was slotted as the Brewers starting LF for the next decade... but then he got caught with POT halfway through September and was benched.

By the age of 25 (6 years of Major league service)...he was already out of baseball, former 1st round pick..what a freaking bust.

Side Note: On what disgusting couch did he throw up on and pass out on last night? Do you think he woke up yet? Does he still wake & bake? These are questions I would love some blog to answer...