Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stained Sheets


Anonymous said...

He's definitely no Brett Favre! Maybe he should try some Vicadin.
I am slightly worried about the staff, but think they can man up. As Jonathan Moxon's dad put it, the staff is going to have to "Show us what they're made of."
Maybe if they thank God and realize that they each only one man. They can get it done. Enough with the Varsity Blues for now.

AP said...

Just throwing this out there, and I realize the "small sample size" stuff. BUT.....Over the last 30 days the starting pitchers (Sheets, Crappy, Suppan, Vargas & Bushie) are outperforming Rickie Weeks at the plate. That's a batting average of 50 points higher and the pitchers are also striking out with less frequency. I guess my point is that it will also hurt to lose Sheets' bat from the lineup due to this injury, at least in games that Weeks starts. I'm going to check right now for a price check on plane tickets to Nashville.