Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Goldy's Weekly Takes

And the Weekly Takes are back after a summer hibernation.

I can’t believe there is not more talk about the Sheets injury. (Note: Not specifically on the Chuckie Hacks site, I'm talking Brewer fandom in general.) Seriously, our best pitcher, an All-Star, the only starter who could pick up a win during that terrible stretch in late May/early June, is out until at least September, and I don’t sense people are too worked up about this.

I know it is not like last year where there were no options to fill in for Sheets (or Ohka), but do people really think Yo will be as good as Sheets. Is Yo now our #1 starter? Does that title go to Bush right now?

Not sold on the staff right now. With Sheets out, we have a bunch of #3 and 4 starters going. Bush has been pitching better and he needs to keep that up. Suppan looked OK on Friday, but he really needs to step up. Vargas is Vargas and as long as the team wins when he pitches, Ned will overlook his 5 inning outings. Cappy? I don’t know about that guy. I like him, but I am beginning to wonder if he is too smart for his own good. You start over-thinking things on the baseball diamond and things can go downhill. Plus, I am still convinced his shoulder is messed up and that is why he was on the DL. If Sheets was healthy and Cappy has a bad start tonight, would he have been sent to the pen.? Yost benched Weeks, I don’t think he is messing around anymore.

All in all, I think this Sheets injury might be the downfall of the team. I think it will just spread the staff too thin. A lot of people are high on Parra, with good reason. His stats this year have been great. However, this is a guy who has only pitched 6 games above the AA level.

Hopefully everyone on the pitching staff can crank it to 11 and we will be good to go for the remainder of the year and be dynamite if Sheets (hopefully) comes back in September.

Other thoughts:
  • Do the Brewers have anyone left to call up in September? If Barnwell is on the roster, I may forsake this team.

  • I like Yost.

  • I see the Badgers basketball team signed a 7-footer out of Texas. Sounds like a traditional post player. Not sure how that fits in with the Swing, but this recruit does ensure that we will continue to have multiple large white guys on the roster for the foreseeable future.

  • There is an article in today's Racine Journal Times (Or as Ruth K. likes to call it, the Urinal) about how Brent Moss would like to reach out to Johnny Clay. Yah, for Johnny's sake, lets hope that meeting never happens. Seriously, I think this is the 8th time Moss has turned his life around. At least he thinks he can tear the roof off this sucker by himself. However, as Kern points out, there is no conclusion to that story so we must assume that it did take all 8 guys to finish that job. http://

  • Saturday is Fish Day. I am looking forward to my Fish Day debut. I got a sense of previous Fish Days from Rick Deez's photos of the various mullets he encountered. Also, the Gin Blossoms will be playing. I purchased one of their tapes in '93. Good Times.

  • The Chinese are starting to piss me off.

  • How can the Chorizo not win the sausage race on his own bobble head day?

  • Finally, Rick Deez or SportsCenter anchor? You decide.

Til next time: ""brrrr de berrrr de berrberberber" (thanks McManus)


woziszeus said...

I don't think the Sheets injury is that severe, Just because Yo should have no problem filling in for the 5 or so starts. There are two "buts" here...Capuano has to step it up NOW, and Sheets HAS to return by September. If by some chance he is out for the year we are in trouble because Gallardo is going to die in September. If we have to worry about filling in Cappy's spot in the rotation too that is the only way this rotation starts getting thin.

September call ups will be Rottino, Nix, & Jackson. We won't (hopefully) need anyone else.

I don't think the Brewers will make one significant trade at the deadline.

Anonymous said...

Woz, I completely agree. Although as everyone knows I hate Kevin Mench and as he has gotten hot, maybe we can trade him and get something good for him.

Did I ever tell you that I saw Nix at sping training the day after he hit an RBI baseball style HR. I said, hey Lance, nice RBI baseball Hr. He's like yeah, that was a Darryl Strawberry one that went off the screen.

AP said...

I don't think the Brewers will make one significant trade at the deadline-

I agree 200% WOZ....I just wonder if they should. Especially since Attanasio pretty much promised last year that they would be buyers if they were contending. Every year it seems the trade deadline moves are very disappointing around the league. If Crapuano sucks it up, they're almost forced to make a trade.