Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rickey is Back!

Rickey Henderson has just joined the Mets coaching staff. This can only be considered great news. He’s a quote machine, here are a couple favorites.

- After joining the Seattle Mariners, Rickey went up to John Olerud and said: “Hey, I used to play with a guy in Toronto who wore a helmet in the field.” To which Olerud responded with: “Yeah Rickey, that was me. We also played together in New York.”
- When asked why he hasn’t cashed a $1 million bonus check by the Mets, Rickey said: “I was waiting for the interest rate to go up.”

Check out this site for more Rickey-isms. Thanks to The Random Burrito.

1 comment:

Htiek said...

Chopper, Great article...however it say's the John Olerud statement is actually false?

Didn't Ms. Mcaughn always teach us to "make sure the brain is in action before the mouth is"......