Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crystal Ball

Alright gents, look into that crystal ball and give a couple of bold predictions on the Brewers (or anything baseball) second half. Woz already got us started with:
-Brewers Central Division Crown
-Brewers World Series Championship
-Ryan Braun: NL Rookie of the Year
-Ben Sheets: NL Cy Young
-Prince Fielder: NL MVP
-Ned Yost: NL Coach of the Year
-JJ Hardy: Gold Glove Award


AP said...

Peavy Cy Young
Braun NL ROY
Brewers NL Central Champs
Brewers lose to Mets in the playoffs 3 games to 1...
Fielder NL MVP (If he can keep the errors down!)
Cubs find a way to have a disappointing season with a good team ( I didn't even need to use the crystal ball for that one.)
NL coach of the year Bud Black from San Diego.
Zambrano signs with Yankees in the offseason....
2008 Brewers trade Sheets (last year of contract.
(Obviously, there's a couple of "flyers" in there.)

matt said...

The Chicago Cubs will win the NL Central, then the NL pennant, then the World Series, then the World Baseball Classic, then an Olympic Gold Medal.

They're that good. Seriously.

AP said...

Derrick Lee will actually hit a home run in the 2nd half.

AP said...

Rickie Weeks will have a multi hit game in August.

Brad said...

-Turnbow will implode
-Prince: MVP
-Brewers win division...on the last weekend
-Jenks will go on a 2 week hot streak
-Melvin with sign CoCo for lower than market value
-Minnesota will make a run
-Jim Powell with laugh hysterically at everything Uecker says.

Mike said...

Zambrano will blow out his arm, leading to a Chicago collapse at the end of the season.
The Brewers will ensure that the NL Central race will stay close until the very end, and then win it.
They will play the Boston Red Sox to 7 games in the WS, only to have the final game end in a tie, as both teams run out of pitchers.
The Brewers will trade for someone that has everyone scratching their heads, then next year, that player will play his best year ever.
Cappie will miss the rest of the season after falling off his Segway.

Goldy said...

-Cubs will overtake Brewers in NL Central
-Brewers will win Wild Card Spot and lose in the WS to the Tigers
-Prince will not be NL MVP
-Braun will win ROY
-The Royals will finish with a better record than the Sox
-The Snoop Dogg concert will be cancelled
-If the Brewers do make the playoffs, I will not pee my pants