Thursday, July 12, 2007

Top 40 Big-11 Football Players

Can you believe football camps are starting in few weeks? Our football postings are sure to increase. Here's's list of the top 40 players in the Big-11.

1. Jack Ikegwuonu, CB, Wisconsin
2. Mike Hart, RB, Michigan
3. Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State
4. Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan
5. James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State
6. Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin
7. Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
8. Dan Connor, LB, Penn State
9. Jake Long, OT, Michigan
10. Chad Henne, QB, Michigan
11. Justin King, CB, Penn State
12. P.J. Hill, RB, Wisconsin
13. Jordan Grimes, G, Purdue
14. Matt Shaughnessy, DE, Wisconsin
15. Shawn Crable, LB, Michigan
16. Kirk Barton, OT, Ohio State
17. Dorien Bryant, WR, Purdue
18. Jason Chapman, DT, Wisconsin
19. James Hardy, WR, Indiana
20. J Leman, LB, Illinois
21. Anthony Scirrotto, S, Penn State
22. Taylor Mehlhaff, K, Wisconsin
23. Sean Lee, LB, Penn State
24. Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue
25. Willie VanDeSteeg, DE, Minnesota
26. Marcus Coleman, C, Wisconsin
27. Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State
28. Curtis Painter, QB, Purdue
29. Terrance Taylor, DT, Michigan
30. Kellen Lewis, QB, Indiana
31. Deon Butler, WR, Penn State
32. Adam Kraus, G, Michigan
33. Albert Young, RB, Iowa
34. Jamar Adams, S, Michigan
35. Anthony Morelli, QB, Penn State
36. Tyrell Sutton, RB, Northwestern
37. Chris Norwell, DT, Illinois
38. Marcus Thigpen, KR, Indiana
39. A.J. Trapasso, P, Ohio State
40. Amir Pinnix, RB, Minnesota


Goldy said...

First take. Marcus Coleman should not be on that list. Tyrell Sutton is way to low. If he stays healthy, he is top 15.

Brad said...

Yeah, I thought Coleman was just a guy. Maybe not. Can you really have a kicker #22?

matt said...

I thought Curtis Painter was too low. I bet Purdue is good (or..better) this year.

matt said...

By the way, why are there 12 helmets in that picture?

Anonymous said...

The one on the left has a Big-10 logo on it.

matt said...

ah - it looked like Kentucky's helmet to me. I thought something happened that I wasn't aware of.

Train said...

I like Coleman...he's a smart guy. Then again I compare him to D. Raoli who was a bag of shit.

Mehlhaff will win some ball games for us this year...the kick-offs are moved back 5 yards. A touch back has become a huge advantage especially w/ our D.

Ike at #1? I like it but it's kind of a surprise..then again Hart is #2 and he's pretty good but not #2 worthy I don't think.

James Hardy at #19? He's top 10 for sure. A great player on a miserable team.

PJ at 12? I guess. Let's see how he does w/o JT

I agree Sutton should be higher..or maybe that he carved up bucky a few times is why we think that?

Brad said...

I count 3 guys from Indiana (3 weapons, that is) and zero guys from Michigan State. Times have changed.

Train, where's your guy Hayden? He's a solid player.

Lorenzo White said...

Where's Tim Biakabituka?

Train said...

Chip- I was thinking that after I posted...Where was Hayden and Casillas? I guess there's only so many to go around but I'd take those two guys over a few on the list. Bucky's D will be ridiculous.