Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Bears QB Rex Grossman says he wants to be "the best ever." Yeah, well...I want to move my house to the 50 yard line of Lambeau Field, but that's not gonna happen either.


AP said...

He should just try to be "the best Rexy he can be".....which still isn't very good.

But hey, he's a rookie QB so you've just got to be patient and give him some time to grow in the system and.....oh wait....he's been in the league for a long time and has been pretty much garbage his whole career.

Maybe he was referring to a different profession when he said that, like maybe he meant "best (pianist) ever or best (sideline reporter) ever." I'm sure that's it...

woziszeus said...

I'm am predicting 7 things for the end of this year's baseball season:
-Brewers Central Division Crown
-Brewers World Series Championship
-Ryan Braun: NL Rookie of the Year
-Ben Sheets: NL Cy Young
-Prince Fielder: NL MVP
-Ned Yost: NL Coach of the Year
-JJ Hardy: Gold Glove Award

Seriously, what is this 7 award parlay hits? I will be drinking for 50 hours straight with no sleep.