Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deadline Moves?

Does the Sheets injury mean that Melvin will actively look for a starting arm at the trading deadline?

Or, does it make it more likely that he goes out and gets another bullpen arm (Otsuka, Dotel, etc.) if Carlos Villanueva is forced to make some spot starts?

Discuss. Personally, I don't see a starting pitcher worth getting right now. Jose Contreras, Javier Vasquez and a hurt Dontrelle Willis don't excite me, especially at the price any of those guys are likely to fetch.


Brad said...

I'd like to see what Parra brings to the table. If he fails, a power lefty out of the pen would be nice. As for starters, a Yo/Chuck/Parra spot start here and there should do the trick. Then again, if Cappy's struggles continue, they might be inclined to go out and get a starter.

AP said...

I think if Crappy's struggles continue and Parra is bueno, Capuano becomes that mysterious lefty out of the bullpen.

matt said...

I just don't think a power lefty out of the pen exists.

Unless you think they can go get Billy Wagner?

Nubs, Tony, TM said...

No power lefties? What about Dan Plesac? If we can't get him I don't see in Doug we trust going out any making any real big splashes before the deadline. We have a good gap until Big ben returns and maybe this is what Soup needs for him to step up and start piching like a true #2.

And Brad to answer you question earlyier, question Doug not really but I don't gree with everything he does either. In the end he gets to wear a uni everyday and sit in the dugout for a reason, I sell Insurance what do I know.

The Sarge said...

You all could sign Sidney Ponson. It would play hell with your catering budget, but I'd have to imagine that with Prince on the payroll, you all are past due for some type of volume discount.