Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Going from 22 hits on Sunday to 0 hits the next game. That must be some sort of record. By June 22 the Brewers will be under .500 and no longer in 1st. What a bunch of shit.

My reaction to the no-hitter with McManus in complete agreement


AP said...

My only hope now is that last night's event will have enough shock value to stop people from hiding behind the "....but we're in first place" argument. If you look at all of the numbers, this Brewer team is average, and by no means are they playing 1st place baseball REGARDLESS of their division. I don't think there has been a "1st place" team in the last 25 years that changes their daily lineup around as much as Yost does. I have a couple of questions:

1) What has Gabe Gross done to warrant him being the permanent DH?

2) What did Corey Hart do to get him removed from lead off duty?

3) Does a lineup that includes TG, GG, & CC really give us the best chance of winning?

4) Is Ryan Braun ill? Is that why he had a day off after an off day?

5) If a team is struggling to find offense, and in the previous game you pound out 22 hits, is it too simplistic to just put the same lineup on the field 2 games in a row?

POSITIVE POINT: We've averaged 11 hits a game over our last 2 games....that's pretty good.

....This team is awful.

BC said...

1) Great question
2) Great question
3) Great question
4) Great question
5) Great question

matt said...

That's a nice car in that picture - is that a Chrysler Pacifica?

What are the odds that Ned gets himself ejected tonight? I'm saying 1-2.

Anonymous said...

What you may not be able to see real well in that picture is the fact that Goldy is passed out with his head out the window, and there is a nice amount of his vomit down the side of the vehicle (thankfully, a rental car).

Good times in Kansas City.

Goldy said...

That's what a rain delay, a loss to the Royals, and more importantly, seeing Chris Barnwell in the Brewers' starting line-up will do to a guy.

I am sure it had nothing to do with drinking for 12 hours and closing the night with an avalance of shots.

The photo also doesn't show how I am missing part of my right leg after unsuccesfully trying to tackle a concrete barrier and flipping over it.

for the record, I was not the only one who vomited that night. I am also disappointed that I missed Gilkes tearing up the dance floor.

Goldy said...

By the way, I am pretty sure we (I) decided that the car was a Specifica and we may or may not have been ridin' dirty.