Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Joey Porter's Dog's/Miniature Horse Related News

Willis' brother, Gary Coleman, moments before Joey Porter's dog, Sven, engages Gary in the sleeper hold.

In an effort to make Chuckie Hacks the first blog you think of when you think of dogs killing miniature horses, I bring you some follow up quotes from Joey Porter regarding how to raise your dogs to kill miniature horses. Note the bonus Latrell Sprewell comment. I hope that happened on Lake Michigan aboard "Milwaukee's Best".
"While many athletes never cross the line into dogfighting, they do acknowledge the appeal of owning intimidating dogs.

"The dog is going to be a reflection of the owner," said Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter, who has owned a pit bull and bull mastiff. "You grab a mutt off the street and you teach that mutt to be mean, then that mutt is going to be mean. ... I don't too much care for a passive dog."

Last September, while Porter was playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, his dogs got out of the yard of his Pennsylvania home and mauled a neighbor's miniature horse, killing it. Porter was cited by police and later apologized to his neighbor.

In 1994, one of the pit bulls owned by NBA star Latrell Sprewell bit an ear off one of his daughters, who was 4 at the time."

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