Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reason # 2,398 to Hate Noah

I. Hate. You.

Besides looking like a tranny, dancing/pounding his chest like an idiot, and not being able to shoot outside of 5 feet, here’s another reason not to like Joakim Noah: He declined to work out for the Bucks.

Another member of the Gators' national championship squad, 6-11 power forward Joakim Noah, has elected not to work out with the Bucks. Noah already has gone through workouts for Chicago, Charlotte, Minnesota and Boston, and he has workouts scheduled with Memphis, Sacramento and Atlanta.

"He and his agent made a decision it wasn't a workout they wanted to do," Babcock said. "We would have liked him to work out, but everybody has their views on each situation."

That’s actually fine by me. If the Bucks take Noah or the Chinese guy, I will personally egg Larry Harris' house. Or not.

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