Monday, June 25, 2007

What I learned this weekend:

At the game Saturday, there were only 3 worthwhile guys in the Royals lineup that could potentially help them in the future: Gordan, DeJesus, and Tehan. That’s it.

Gordon has a nice stroke, he’s got stud potential

Those Negro uniforms are sweet

It was a rowdy crowd on Saturday…saw a couple guys with bloody grills locked up in handcuffs.

Turnbow still makes me nervous

Give me one good reason to pull Yo from the rotation? Just one. I don't want to hear about limiting his innings...make him the #5 so he's skipped a couple times. Schroeder even implied he might get sent back down. What purpose would that serve?

What happens when Hart gets full-time ABs….good things, that’s what.

You know who should be embarrassed right now? The ChiSox. They’re record is almost as bad as KC’s. Best team in the world two years ago, to Royals-esque. That’s not good.

After a poor weekend by Colorado and Atlanta, the Brewers are now scheduled to play a grand total of 4 series against teams at least 3 games over .500 (Arizona, Mets, Arizona, San Diego). I'm still stunned by this.


AP said...

I went Stat. & Sun. Nice crowds for both games. I like both Negro league unis. I hate lineups that include Miller & Counsenino. It seemed like we kind of conceeded that game on Sunday by playing our JV team. Capellan sucks.

Anonymous said...

only thing is your so called JV team pretty much were the only guys to keep them in the ball game.

AP said...

I know...Mench & Miller & TG were great. I just hope to see Hardy & Fielder in the same lineup for the first time in like a week in toniht's game. Like I said, as long as the lineup doesn't include more than 1 player named Miller, Gross, & Counsenino I am usually OK. Yesterday had 3 of them starting w/ 1 pinch hitting instead of Glue. It did seem like we were sort of "featuring" our reserves yesterday. Keep in mind, I hate Mench.