Monday, June 25, 2007

Bucks Spare No Expense in Working Out Top Prospects for Draft

With the NBA Draft this week, the scouting department of the Milwaukee Bucks is tirelessly working out all of the top prospects. The Bucks have mixed in some unique workouts with the typical shooting and agility drills.

Check out this video to see one of the workout devices they're using - Ben Wallace! Let's see if Al Horford can take the 3-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year down on the block. Just $49.99!
Even Big Ben can't get a shot off against Inflatable Ben!


Anonymous said...

I like how Wallace plays on a team named "Wallace"

AP said...

That's the problem w/ NBA players. They're more concerned w/ the name on the back of the jersey, than they are w/ the name on the front of the jersey. Except in this particular case.......Maybe he's just got his jersey on backward in the picture.