Sunday, June 10, 2007


Everybody has their fatal weaknesses.

Achilles had that heel.

Bill Clinton's is chubby interns.

Me? Gin.

And Francisco Cordero's is the Ballpark at Arlington, apparently.

After giving up one earned run all season, Cordero coughed up four last night against his former team, along with the ballgame for the Brewers. This one hurt (bad), but being a glass-half-full kind of guy, it was good to see a great pitching performance by Sheets and three runs manufactured without a home run.

I'm telling you, this team is close to running off another one of those big winning streaks...I can feel it.

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AP said...

Very nice win last night....a few things........

It was nice to finally see a little backbone from this team. They could've bagged it in after Cordero coughed up a run, they could've bagged it after Gwynn was (erroneously) called out at home, but they fought and got a win.

On the radio last night everyone wanted to call and bitch about the runners stranded last night (17), but stranded runners are a sign of a healthy offense. The teams that strand the most score the most usually. It's LOB that turns those solo shots into 3 run shots. It's fine to be a homw run team, it's just not OK when 70% of your HR's are solo shots.

Yost FINALLY managed Bush correctly; if you have a guy that is prone to "the big inning" your solution should be to avoid the big inning. Bush wasn't particularly sharp, but as soon as he got into a little trouble Ned took the ball away. Of course, it's easier to utilize the bullpen when you are staring an off day in the face, so i doubt he would've been so wise normally.

TG & CC are starting to swing the bat, Braun attoned for his error & has been hitting great, & now there's a little momentum....not much but a little. I tried not to interupt the "positivity fest" on Friday w/ my usual concerns, but I liked what these guys did last night......

......and now i sound overly positive so one more thing. When is Bill Hall going to sit for longer than 1 day? He's been fine (better than that last night) defensively, but he has only 4 RBI's in 71 AB's since may 15th. That's like Graffanino production.