Monday, June 11, 2007

Quck hitters

  • The Brewers pound out 22 hits in a much needed win last night. Was Counsinino really 7-12? Good job guys, you still suck. Dave Bush is dead to me. Good to see Jenks and Estrada make some noise for the first time in a while. The youngsters are playing well, we NEED the veterans to step it up, and they did yesterday.
  • How about the split squad lineup on Saturday? Gross, Miller, Counsinino? I realize Billy, JJ, and Estrada need days off, but isn't today an off day?
  • 27-15? That would be the interleague bomb dropped by the AL this weekend on the NL. Not that this is news to anyone, but the AL is the far superior league.
  • If these NBA finals are watched by more than about 63 people, I’ll be surprised.
  • Finally, some stats and optimism by loyal reader Dan Lorum:

Just for fun, I put together some projected stats based on games played, games remaining in season and current stats.
Ryan Braun: 28 HR, 35 2b, 70 RBI, 140 hits: Look familiar to Prince's rookie year?
Prince Fielder: 59 HR, 40 2b, 130 RBI, 190-200 hits and .295 BA: MVP if Brewers make playoffs?
J.J. Hardy: 40 HR, 30 2B, 117 RBI: Not to bad but he won't keep this pace, Prince will and so will Braun.
The Glue: 28 HR, 22 2b, 77 RBI.
Bill Hall: 16 HR, 35 2b, 64 RBI, 130 K's: Last years Brewer MVP.
Go Brewer's. Keep hope alive. We have been in first place for the majority of the year. We are still 5.5 up on the Cards and 6 games up on the Chubs. We are in first place and we have a home stand coming up where we can get hot again. Live this thing up as much as you can because it could be a long time until we experience this again. This is exciting and we have to stick with the Crew threw the good and the bad (even if Yost is a jag) and if you put everything in perspective right now, it really is not all that bad. Stick with it Brewer Fans. We Are Going To Win The Central Division!!!!!!!!!!! Continue to watch this team every night and give it your all. I know I am even though it could cost me my marriage.


AP said...

The brewers should just request that every player on the roster show Melvin their driver's license. If you were born before today's date in 1977 you have just been cut. Suppan we will let you slide. Mench & Gross though you technically don't fall into this group you have been cut too, sorry. Then just sit back and watch the wins roll in.....

matt said...

Among the many problems with this proposal: I believe Chris Barnwell would then be playing 2B for Milwaukee and Turnbow would be closing.

AP said...

It's not a perfect system.....

AP said...

By the way, nice piece on JSOnline today about Brady Clark being released from the Dodgers with a .224 Avg. and virtually 0 HR's & RBI's. He was my least favorite Brewer of all time and this article brought me a great deal of joy. Dessens on the DL is more usefull to this team than Trademe Clark would be.

AP said...

Sorry not released....DFA.

woziszeus said...

I wasn't aware there were virtual home runs or rbi's.

Brad said...

Clark for Dessens...what a spectacular trade that was!

Ap said...

Believe me, any home run Brady hit would indeed be virtual and not actual.

AP said...

To be 100% accurate I should've said LITERALLY 0 HR's and VIRTUALLY 0 RBI's (5). Virtual in this instance is not like "virtual" a video game. It means essentially, practically, or nearly.

Goldy said...

Chris Barnwell playing again for the Brewers would be the bane of my existance.

woziszeus said...

If Barnwell somehow makes it back to the Brewers, we might as well trade Braun and bring Matt Coolbaugh out of retirement to play 3b.

Anonymous said...

Having Barnwell in back in the lineup would give me flashbacks to the days of Enrique Cruz, Luis Lopez, and Lou Collier. I shutter to think; I hope those days are behind us for quite some time. I would rather see Hernan Iribarren in a pinch.

-Not so anonymous Jake

AP said...

Wow....Barnwell really strikes a chord with everyone. That's pretty cool.....although I was originally still counting Weeks at 2nd base when I first said cut all the veterans. But if it gets everyone all fired up, then sure let's call up Barnewll.

AP's all under 6/11/77 birthday team=
1B Prince
2B Weeks
3B Braun
SS Hardy
LF Hall
CF Gwynn
RF Hart
C Estrada (special exemption)

P Sheets, Gallardo, Capuano, and Vargas. Suppan is granted the 2nd exemption

Bullpen/Bench=Turnbow, Spurling, Villanueva, Zach Jackson, Gross, Rottino, Bush, and of course Barnwell.

The veterans can all be traded to fill the holes with more young players. This team would be awesome, and it would lead the league in "potential." Seriously, I would love to see this team.....I really would assuming you could still get a couple more pieces with the players you trade. Maybe add Zambrano in free agency and he easily qualifies for this team (26yrs old?). You could probably do all of this and still remain pretty close to our salary number as it stands now seeing as you'll wipe about 20 mil off the books.