Friday, June 8, 2007

The Rangers Have...Um....Pitching Problems

You can almost FEEL the confidence oozing out of Texas Rangers pitching coach Mark Connor, who is probably not real secure in his job with his staff carrying an ERA of rougly 19. And it doesn't help that Vicente Padilla, one of the team's big money investments on the pitching staff with an equally big ERA, has a bum arm.

This from the team's official website:

Padilla missed his last start with arm irritation in his right triceps, but threw a 53-pitch bullpen session earlier today.

"It went good," pitching coach Mark Connor said. "He made it through with little discomfort in his arm."

Connor is still unsure whether Padilla will be able to throw on Sunday.

"We'll have to re-evaluate it on Saturday," he said.

Connor said he had no idea who would start in Padilla's spot if he couldn't go on Sunday.

That's it guys! Way to have a plan! And you love to hear that a pitcher made it through a 53-pitch bully session with "little discomfort" in his arm. Maybe it's just me, but I thought you usually shoot for "no discomfort" before tossing a guy out on the mound...

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woziszeus said...

Bad of those losses you look like a little league team...couple home runs and a couple errors.

I guess the sweep talk came out to soon...but a series win is a must.

Braun's home run...good lord, I don't think it went higher than 25 feet in the air.