Friday, June 1, 2007

Brewers 4, Marlins 3

Taylor Tankersly, meet Jason Popp...your worst nightmare!
  • Hey, we won!
  • Corey Hart batting leadoff…I like it!
  • When did Miguel Cabrera turn into Bartolo Colon?
  • Prince for MVP?? He’s carrying the entire lineup right now
  • Only scored 3 runs vs OB…that’s not enough
  • Loyal reader Jason Popp sat by the Marlins bully and gaveTaylor Tankersly the business all night…until Tank finally snapped: “MOTHERF###ERS LIKE YOU FUEL MY F##KIN’ FIRE!!!!” LOL.
  • Dick Weeks on the DL…enter: AWOL Capellan.
  • We have the pitching advantage in the final 3 games of the series…lets Git-R-Done!


AP said...

This is the 2nd time this year we beat the Marlins and I would classify it as a "big" win. I wish we could play them like 40 times this year. I don't have any idea how Vargas managed to squeeze a quality start out of that crap, but again I would say that even with him being wild and walking dudes he has been pretty consistant this year. I still have concerns though, Fielder & Hardy were pretty much all of the offense...again. The kitchen staff at Balestreri's doesn't serve as many meatballs as OB does in 9 innings, and we still only touched him for 3 runs. 61 total runs in the last 19 games (since May 13th) for the crew. (3.21 RPG AVG.) Other than Cordero, I am pretty sure that no Brewers pitcher is even close to a 3.21 ERA, so the offense (ahem....Bill Hall?) needs to start picking up the pitchers. Other than Willis, we are facing a garbage staff this week so there better by an offensive surge coming soon.

matt said...

Can we now say that the Brewers have "won 2 of their last 3", instead of "lost 12 of their last 18" or whatever? I was getting tired of that stat.

matt said...

With an ERA just under 7 and a WHIP approaching 2, there must not be enough motherf#@!@ like Jason Popp around to fuel Mr. Tankersley's fire. Too bad.