Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brewers vs. Obermueller

I'm curious what everyone thinks is going to happen tonight when Milwaukee takes on former Brewers standout Wes Obermueller. I think that one of two scenarios will play out:

A. The Brewers climb all over Wes and he lasts about 2 2/3 innings giving up 5 + runs.
B. OB (that's what his boys call him) shuts down the Crew over 8 innings - 2 runs or less.

I frankly don't see anything happening in between.

The Brewers have been known to struggle against their terrible former pitchers (see Santos, Victor), and they aren't exactly firing on all cylinders right now, so I vote B.


BC said...

The Brewers getting shut down by OB would be the ultimate kick in the nuts.

Adam P said...

I vote B....However this usually happens more often it seems when a guy is making one his first starts ever or has recently been called up from AAA.

woziszeus said...

I think there is a legitimate chance that after Wes throws his first pitch in the bottom on the first, he immediately craps himself. After doing so, he will rip off his Marlins jersey and will be sporting his old Brew Crew warm-up. He will then sprint towards the Brewer dugout and dive into Ned Yost's arms like a kid coming home from school.

Then again, Bill Simmons had me convinced the exact same thing would happen with Vinateri in the AFC championship game, so I guess I'm going to have go with the Brewers torching him for 6 runs in 3 innings.

Anonymous said...

What role will Wes Helms play in all of this?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Jorge De La Rosa pitches against the Crew when the Royals are in town. Of course he's not pitching as poorly as he did in Milwaukee, but talk about a deer in headlights on the mound. They better torch him.