Friday, June 1, 2007


Ever send an email to a bunch of people on accident? Embarrassing, yes.

Now, multiply that embarrassment by 1,000,000, and you'll be close to feeling as stupid as the Steelers' 61 year old offensive line coach. This mope emailed a raunchy video to a bunch of NFL personnel - including commissioner Roger Goodell!

Ha - what an idiot. His defense?

"I don't know these machines very good, it was just a 100 percent unintentional thing. Hit the wrong button."

OK grandpa - I'll buy that. But don't be surprised to be thrown into the penalty box by the commissioner with Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, etc.


Alan Faneca said...

Hey Coach, how about a "Windows for Dummies" book for your birthday?

Ben Roethlisberger said...

"I don't know these machines too good. It was just %100 unintentional thing."

I have the same problem with motorcycles.

woziszeus said...

If he knows "these machines" well enough to check the email and view it, he should be able to know "these machines" well enough to delete it (after viewing it of course...maybe several times).

Very comical..I don't recall another similar circumstance...that would be like forwarding a picture of one of your high school teachers naked to the entire high school directory or something...

Anonymous said...

There was a similar circumstance when Jim addressed the email wrong when he had Nadia, the hot Czechoslovakian chick, changing in his room with the strategically placed webcam.

"So shaved is the expression?"