Thursday, June 7, 2007

Baseball Prospectus Not Impressed by Brewers Draft

Two guys at Baseball Prospectus did a running commentary of today's first round of the MLB draft. Needless to say, they weren't real impressed with the Brewers' pick. Their comments:

Kevin Goldstein (11:59:56 AM PST): First big shocker of the draft as Milwaukee takes LaPorta. Totally shocking, and equally baffling. He's gonna come quickly, Fielder can move anywhere, and neither can LaPorta -- I'm just confused.

BSmith (12:01:34 PM PST): I wrote in my scouting director series that Jack Zduriencik likes big power, and that must have paved the way for this pick. They must have some belief that LaPorta can play left, but here's my question: if you want an outfielder with plus power, does LaPorta really project better than Jason Heyward?

Kevin Goldstein (12:03:13 PM PST): Well, he's certainly a much smaller risk, and the kind of guy who could come pretty quickly -- LaPorta was in much better shape this year -- but left field? Could be Kittle or Cust-esque out there.

I'm not going to criticize, although this was my first reaction too. In Doug I trust...and at least it wasn't a HS pitcher...


AP said...

Dougie M et all have had waaay better luck with position players than pitchers recently, so I'm OK with this. It's not like anybody knows anything about the 1st round of the baseball draft anyway.

woziszeus said...

Break out the brooms, its time for a sweep. Texas is one of the worst teams in baseball.
Check out the ERA's of their starting pitchers:

Cappy, Sheets, & Bush should mow this order down.

Goldy said...

I like Zeus' thinking.

matt said...

Is it time for the Cobra Kai T-Shirt? Maybe that will jump-start the Crew?