Friday, June 8, 2007

"Rolex's, Lexus, from Long Beach to Texas..."

A different world? Yes we are.

It’s off to interleague land we go, first stop: Texas. Home of steers, queers, Lone Star Beers….and the Texas Rangers. The worst team in baseball. Yes, even worst than the Royals. 21-39, if you need them. How bad are they? Last in the AL in ERA (5.90), last in AL fielding and 3rd last in batting average. Oh, and all 5 starters have an ERA north of 6.25. My point? If our offense doesn’t get healthy this weekend, it never will. Here are the 3 pitching matchups. ..they guys make Bushy’s ERA not look too bad.

MIL: Capuano (5-4, 3.80)
TEX: Tejeda (4-6, 6.28)

MIL: Sheets (6-3, 3.51)
TEX: McCarthy (4-4, 6.35)

MIL: Bush (3-6, 5.67)
TEX: Padilla (2-8, 6.45)

Any guess on who will bat DH? All the starters are righties. Gwynn? Shrek?


matt said...

I bet Gross gets a bit of time at DH too. Maybe a game.

I can vouch that Brandon McCarthy is brutal - he's been wallowing on my AL-only fantasy team roster all year long. (Don't ask). However, he is either boom or bust. He gives up 8 runs in 2 innings, or he goes 8 innings giving up 2 runs. Nothing in between. Really weird.

AP said...

Is Braun's defense still bad....I don't remember. Otherwise w/ a righty on the mound it can be CC playing 3rd for his "D" and Braun at DH. I wouldn't be surprised to see that a couple of times in the 9 AL games....