Thursday, May 17, 2007


The Brewers are currently taking on water. Soup was the big money guy brought in to stop the bleeding, but couldn't. Obviously, it's not all his fault. Once again the lineup couldn’t muster anything worth a damn. You will probably get sick of hearing this, but I don't give a crap and it will be written over and over and over....thank God we are in cesspool know as the NL Central. Then again, don’t look now but Housty is playing well.


The only two things funny about "PacMan" Jones and "Tank" Johnson are their real first names. It's actually Adam Jones! Name one other black guy named Adam. I challenge you. Dunn, Morrison, Keefe, Timmerman, LaRoche...all white. As for Tank...guess what his first name is. Let's see, a 6'-3", 300 pound defensive tackle born in Gary, Indiana with enough weaponry to start his own about Terry! Terry? He seems like more of a Leon or Jamal than a Terry. No offense to any Leons or Jamals reading this.

The Onion is funny. Favre demands the 1996 Packers.

Ex-Brewer gas can Dan Kolb collects Trans Ams. Personally, I always pictured him as more of a Camero guy.

I parrot Goldy's well wishes to those loyal Hacks readers jumping on the big bird and heading to Ireland. Stay away from too many sand traps and pints of Guinness. If anyone is capable of journaling a week long running diary, it's you McManus. I'm giddy in anticipation. Oh yeah because he is overseas, and Goldy is swamped at work (I.E. lazy)...I'll be piloting this ship solo for the next week. Hopefully not into a large iceberg in the North Atlantic.


woziszeus said...

Holy Crap! The Reds have 116 wins already! The Brewers have a lot of work to do...

Brad Chopp said...

Hmmmm...yeah, they had a good week. Kind of like how Cy Young got 511 wins. "Yeah, I pitched like 3 double headers last week and got 7 wins."

Anonymous said...

I pictured Kolb as a pinto guy...but what do i know???