Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Goldy's Weekly Takes

Welcome to an abbreviated Goldy's Weekly Takes. Thanks to work training and home loan fun, this will be shorter than usual.

Ugh. 1-4 since I last talked to you on Thursday. Not good times, but amazingly, not the end of the world. The Brewers only got smoked in one of the games and could easily be 4-1 on this trip, or 0-5. It's good to see that the team is still playing hard to the end, as evident in last night's game and the 5-4 loss to the Mets. Previous Brewers' teams would just close up shop.

I have found out that Brewers losses, especially ones they piss away, agitate me. I had this feeling after the All-Star break last season when Turnbow blew a couple against the Reds. That led to my Brewers boycott. I made sure I didn't catch the score while the game was going on. Much easier to do in Minnesota. The thing that is scary about Turnbow right now is that his slider is just gone and that is what killed him last year. Any Major League hitter can nail a 96 mph fastball when they now it is coming. He needs to get that slider back, pronto.

As I mentioned in my last two weekly takes, I think this team is becoming too dependant on the long ball. Outside of the impressive 2-run sac fly pop up to the 2nd baseman, manufacturing of runs has not been a strong suite since the start of the Pirates series. Heck, they only time they manufacture runs, Tony Gwynn Jr. is usually involved. Look at last nights game. 3-runs. 2 on homers and 1 on a dropped fly ball. Since the start of the National series, if you exclude the 12-4 win over the Mets, 20 of the Brewers past 26 runs have scored via the long ball.

The team really needs to pick it up. I think Gwynn will see alot more time. I love this guy, but I am not ready to hand him an outfield spot yet. He needs to produce over a little longer time span.

Other quick thoughts:

  • Maxim named Lindsay Lohan as the hottest person around. Say What? Yah maybe a few years ago when she was 17 that would have been plausible. But c'mon, not Jessica Biel or Scarlet Johansson? In the not as popular division, what about the chick from the Mercury commercials. She is hot. Also, the chick from the Snorg Tees ad on Deadspin. Nothing wrong with her in my book.
  • Yah, I have given up on the NBA for this season. Hopefully the Bucks can get the #1 or 2 pick. That would revive my interest.
  • Brett Favre can go eat a big one. I am sick of his crap. I understand that he is at the end of his career and would like some real NFL caliber offensive players to work with, but his bitching and whole retirement deal over the past few years is wearing thin. In terms of the team itself, I don't care if he is traded. However, I don't think I could fathom seeing him in another uniform.
  • My dog loves the new White Stripes song. About the only song on the radio that gets her attention and causes her to bark. Good Times. I am also pretty convinced that the White Stripes could do a Roxette cover album and I would buy it. Translation: I like the White Stripes.
  • Bust of luck to the loyal readers playing golf in Ireland.
  • When I talk to you in a week, the Brewers will have gone 5-3 over that time

'til next time........ "My man MCA got a beard like a billy goat"

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Tony M said...

“Bust of luck” is this a typo or Racine speak for “Par or Bust” either way I will take it, god knows I can speak for the group we all need it. I early await Matt’s recap blog.

As for the weekly takes the Crew will be fine even the blow out they were in until ED decided to give up 5 in the 7th or 8th whatever. But the most telling thing is the Earl Weaver ball this team is playing, I can’t see them keeping it up for an entire season but if they do then good times had by all, besides “Chics dig the long ball”