Friday, May 18, 2007

Chicks Dig the Long Ball

The Brewers ride Benny Sheets and a couple of Gabe Gross solo bombs to beat the Phillburts 3-2. Who proposed trading Gross? Oh, that was me. I cringed when I saw our 7-2 hitters yesterday: Gross, Graffy, Sheets, Gwynn, and Counsell. Yikes! Oh well, it worked anyway.

The Twinkies limp into town with a MASH unit and no Johan to worry about...he pitched last night. As mentioned on an earlier comment, the Crew have been lucky in missing Glavine and Maine vs the Mets, Ryan Howard vs Philly, and now they miss Santana and Mauer. Oh, and Joe Nathan is ill. Hopefully it's highly contagious and the entire team gets the skitters this weekend. I miss Fatthew LeCroy. Could you imagine him chugging round the bases while trying to hold in some Hershey squirts? LOL.

Finally, a disturbing pic from A-Train. Remember Carrot Top? Here's a recent pic..WTF happened to this guy? I can't even comment on this...wrong on so many levels.


Adam P. said...

Isn't Mauer on the DL as well? Seriously, injuries were our excuse last year for not performing, so I think we should be doing a little better as we seem to be missing all of these other team's best players this year while we are at full strength. Overall, though, a nice win yesterday. Sheets was great, but again we only scored with the long ball and stranded a bunch in spots where we should've got the runs across. Rob Deer would fit in great on this team.

woziszeus said...

You can always (usually) count on Sheets to stop a leak. Quality win.

I'm feeling a sweep this weekend with a couple blowouts at Miller. 40K plus in attendance for all 3 games...this town is gonna be rocking Saturday.