Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random Good Times

So I take Junior to check out a local little league game last night. Some random schmoe with a brand spanking new Brewer hat comes over and sits next to me. He sees my Brewer hat and starts making small talk. Did you see the today's game...blah, blah, blah...until this gem of a dialog took place:
Me: "Tough game today, but at least Bush pitched well."
Schmoe: "Yeah, he's been awesome all year."
Me (with a small grin on my face, trying to egg him on): "Yeah, I herd they were talking about him making the All-Star game."
Schmoe: "Oh yeah, he should easily be in the All Star game...maybe even the Cy Young this year."

Dave Bush, your NL Cy Young leader! Good Times.


Derrick Turnbow said...

You can have an ERA over 5.00 and still make the all-star team. What's the problem.....?

Htiek said...

Evil Chopper..... but I like it!

woziszeus said...

LOL, he must have gotten Bush confused with Vargas or something...that is just not a rational statement.

Goldy said...

Should have thrown something in about Capellen being an emotional rock for the team.

Brad Chopp said...

I dont think he was confused...just an f'ing moron. When I joked about playing more NL Central teams like Cinci, he said: "well, I'm not to sure about Cinci...they have a pretty solid ballclub."