Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I missed the 8th inning (thankfully), but got the recap from others. WTF?? So Turnbow, Shouse and Spurling think they are guy from Kaboom? How about putting out more fires than you start? Billy actually got two hits, which is noteworthy.

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AP said...

Since May 13 (18 games) here are our run totals: 3,5,1,0,3,6,1,2,9,6,2,1,3,2,3,6,1 and 3. That's a total of 57 runs in 18 games which works out to be like PI (3.16 actually) per game. It's absolutely no wonder this team is 4-14 over that stretch. April was nice. THINGS ARE F'ING FINE RIGHT?!?!? WE ARE STILL IN 1ST PLACE, RIGHT?!!?! NO NEED TO PANIC RIGHT!?!?!? This team, while it may bother some, is awful. Sure it has "potential", sure it is in 1st place, but we are like the 6th best team in the NL at best. How can you have 2 guys leading the NL in HR's and go 4-14???? Is that even possible?