Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dom James Update

Not really much of a suprise, but Dom James is throwing up bricks in the NBA pre-draft camp. He also recorded a goose egg in the assists department. Good luck playing for the Idaho Stampede of the NBDL.

A Marquette Blog has some James analysis, including this one from

"Dominic James appears to be the player that made the biggest mistake playing here. His stock is plummeting and it could have a lingering effect on next year as well, should he return to Marquette. James decided to enter the draft when it appeared coach Tom Crean might be leaving for greener pastures. After it became apparent that wasn't happening, James decided to continue to "explore his draft options". Big mistake. James first game in the camp he went scoreless on 0-3 shooting with 0 assists. Even worse than the terrible game, his inability to run a team has been exposed."


woziszeus said...

A good point was made in that blog you linked regarding what James wants: "a guarantee." He doesn't care where he gets taken, he just wants a guarantee he will be taken and signed for at least 2 years, even if it will be below value. 800K - 1M guaranteed over two years? I'd think he'd take that. Who the hell wouldn't.

He just wants to get money!

Goldy said...

Zeus - I believe he want's to have the ability to "make it rain".

Goldy said...

The need an edit funtion on these comments. I obviously ment wants, not want's. Want's does not make any sense. Want is? WTF is that. I am a moron.

Goldy said...

Again, function, not funtion.

matt said...

Goldy is on "tilt" right now - pay no attention to him.